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  • Dr. Alusine Kanu

    Dear Ryan,

    I am a Hey Tutor wanting to schedule our first Tutoring session. I am enclosing a questionnaire that will help guide our first session for your review. If you could prepare your responses to the enclosed questions, it will help with our getting acquainted. I am available any-time after Tuesday 6/18/2019 to start our first session. Please let me know the name of the class and date and time you want to meet online. I look forward to opportunity to facilitate your learning as Hey Tutor.

    HEY TUTOR- Dr. Alusine M. Kanu Getting Acquainted During First Online Tutoring Session 

    Full name 


    Subject (s) you need Tutoring 


    School you are attending 


    Home address 




    Grade Level 




    Home email address 




    Career Goals 


    Tutoring Needs 




    Family Members 





















    Education & Location 

    Elementary School 


    High School 


    Favorite Course  


    Most Memorable Teacher 


    Extracurricular Activity 







    How do you identify yourself? 

     What activity has played or plays an important part in your life? 

     How do you identify your culture? 

     What is your main personal goal? 

     What do you like very much? 

     What do you hate or dislike? 

     What kinds of things are important to you? 

     Have you developed a very special skill? 

     What distinguishes you from other individuals? 

     Define your personal Values? 

     How are these values similar with the values of your friends and family? 

     How have your values changed/adapted over time? 

     How rigid and flexible are these values? 

     What things do you believe that give meaning to life? 

     What gives your life meaning? 

     Is there a person or group of people you really love or who are important to you? 

     Are you free from blame and guilt and forgiving others? 

     Do you have a need for truth and a need to be free? 

     Do you care and respect others? 

     What is the Gift of Knowledge?  

    How does Knowledge differ from Wisdom and Understanding?  

     How can Knowledge be applied to our daily lives? 

     What Career Paths Do You intend to Take? What level of Education do you intend to Reach? 


    State Your Preferences 

    1. I prefer to be direct and forthright when I talk with people. 


    1. I would do what would please my family, even if I detested that activity. 


    1. I enjoy being unique and different from others in many ways. 


    1. I usually sacrifice my self-interest for the benefit of my group. 


    1. I like my privacy. 


    1. I like to demonstrate my abilities to others. 


    1. I hate to disagree with others in my group. 


    1. When I succeed, it is usually because of my abilities. 




    Dialogue on Tutoring Preferences in Learning Subject 

    How Your Subject is Communicated 

    Learning Objectives in Subject Matter 


    Reading & Comprehending Subject Matter 


    Use of Dialogue in Learning Subject Matter 

    Writing Subject Reports 




    Test Taking and Practice in Subject Matter 

    Learning Skills in Subject Matter 


    Ways to Assess and Measure Subject Matter Learning  


    Understanding Subject Matter Facts and Concepts 


    Other Tutoring Preferences 




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